Tenant Improvement Work

Construction at SL Green Realty Corp. is a simple structured process. Each step is accompanied with a letter clearly outlining the next steps, as well as the construction guidelines that your firm must follow.
The process is as follows:

1.  The tenant submits four (4) full-size sets of drawings for review to the following parties:

  • Engineers review for comments: Severud Associates (Structural) ; LB Architects (Architectural)
  • ​Vice President of Construction: Roger Mirriman​
  • Property Manager: Maria Vuljaj
  • Chief Engineer: Rob Tortorelli

2.  The Construction Administrator issues Letter 1, which outlines additional materials required:
  • Additional drawings (Architectural, Structural, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Sprinkler, Fire Alarm)
  • General Contractor’s Certificate of Insurance (COI) & Indemnification Agreement
  • Permit expeditor assigned by SL Green to property: Milrose Group
  • The expeditor assigned by SL Green MUST be used unless stipulated otherwise in the lease

3.  The reviewing engineer(s) & PM submit comments to VP. The comments are reviewed and Letter 2 is sent   with said comments attached. Letter 2 must be signed and returned by the tenants.

4.  The tenant must resubmit drawings, conforming to the Reviewing Engineer's & PM's comments, to PM, CE & VP. If all comments are addressed and VP & PM have copies of Contractors Insurance & Indemnification Agreement as well as the appropriate permits, Letter 3 is issued, granting final approval. All subsequent coordination, scheduling, access, etc. must be arranged through the Property Manager.
5.  Project begins; SLG inspects construction site periodically.

6.  Permit applications submitted by the building assigned expeditor for VP signature.

Note: For additional information please refer directly to your lease.